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About us

Our official website is a portal of online news and reports that allow you to be informed on the major health issues of the day from the UK and the World; the site also aims to provide an overview of the main activities of the National Institute of Health, information about products from the same offer and the advice regarding specific mode of use. All contents of the Website (news, photos, videos, sounds, marks, logos, domain names, software, graphic layout, etc.) and rights related to them are reserved, so they can be accessed for purposes of personal information, any other use is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.

about-us Since a decade ago, when we started, our health portal, created under the brand channel "Health", reveals a variety of life topics: relationships, family, parenting, cooking, health, fashion, beauty, style, leisure, travel, etc. But the portal is not only a commercial site, but also - a meeting place for communication, where our visitors can share experiences and health advice, comfortable and convenient where you can discuss news and life themes, know your horoscope, get background information, escape and read funny/ sad, ironic/ tragic stories, find out something delicious and healthy to eat or, finally, lose weight, etc.


Striving for harmony - this is what unites us. We all know that modern people strive with unhealthy living. We understand that and we also know that an important part of people’s life is a harmonious relationship with the environment, a sense of confidence and self-worth. We create a harmonious and safe environment of communication that will help everybody to look at themselves and the wider world, to see new opportunities, escape from the everyday hustle, bustle and anxieties, and spend time with the benefit of finding our new information, all while purchasing organic and healthy products.